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Neck Lift – New York City

Neck lift cosmetic surgery with New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Zevon can improve your profile. During the neck lift procedure, Dr. Zevon can tighten loose neck muscles and remove excess fat and skin from your neck. Dr. Zevon’s patients report looking younger and appearing to have lost weight.

If you’re considering neck lift

Then length of time and associated recovery from neck lift cosmetic surgery depends upon the procedures New York City neck lift plastic surgeon Dr. Zevon performs. There are two common neck lift procedures, each of which can improve your appearance. Cervicoplasty removes excess neck skin. Platysmaplasty alters the neck muscles and their appearance. Neck and chin liposuction may be necessary to remove excess fat from the neck area.

Your new look

Dr. Zevon understands the desire to feel confident about your appearance. After neck rejuvenation through the neck lift procedure that is best for you, you can look trim and youthful. Inconspicuous scars will fade over time.

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