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Many of our patients send cards and letters expressing their appreciation for Dr. Zevon’s skill and attentiveness.

Plastic Surgery

Thank you again for being such a sensitive and caring doctor. You also have chosen a great staff.


I am very, very pleased with the results of my treatment with Juvederm® at your office last week. I am glad to have chosen you after browsing through a pool of ads and websites on the internet without any prior recommendation from any person. I am thanking you for the suggestion and for the procedure itself. I planning to return to your office when the time comes. 

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you need look no further because now that you found Scott J. Zevon, MD, you have truly found the BEST!

Despite my best efforts to get my body back into shape, I just couldn’t slim down my abdominal area. As a result of my frustration, I made a personal decision to research the liposuction procedure and also the Best Plastic Surgeons. After careful research, I made the decision to have Dr. Zevon perform my surgery, and it had proven to be the best decision I could have made for cosmetic surgery.

First impressions mean a lot, and when I arrived for my consultation, I found Dr. Zevon’s office to be warm, beautiful and comfortable. Dr. Zevon’s office staff, anesthesiologist and physician assistant truly complement his medial practice, as they are all professional and caring people, who made me feel at ease throughout this entire process. Thank You!

I discovered that Dr. Zevon is not only a highly skilled surgeon, but also someone who found it important to listen to my goals/expectations without being rushed. He then explained the various options and what technique would work best for enhancing my shape in a healthy and realistic way; and then he respected my choice. It was a wonderful experience to find a surgeon who I completely trusted after my first visit and who made me feel comfortable during times that I normally would have been very embarrassed (like during the “before” photographs).

Dr. Zevon, thank you so much for everything! My results are amazing and it has only been a little over two months! The priceless gift through this process is that I now like what I see in the mirror! Should I ever decide to have cosmetic surgery in the future, I will make the trip to NYC again, You are one of the finest!

FYI: I showed up for my follow-up visit at 5:00 p.m. on the wrong day. Dr. Zevon and one other office staff member were preparing to leave, as the office was closing, but they decided to stay, and Dr. Zevon completed my follow-up visit anyway! Thank you ALL!!!

Very kindly –

Breast Augmentation

Awesome surgeon. Very informative, patient, answered all of my questions. Gave me the exact results I was looking for.

Breast Augmentation

It seems that there are so many good things to say that I don’t know just where to begin.

I originally went for my consultation a year + before my surgery. While I knew little about breast augmentation at the time, I had felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Zevon at that consultation.  He was very helpful in describing risks, benefits and his experiences with me. He also opened a computer file with his breast augmentation before and afters. His staff was also very friendly and supportive. Yet due to my financial situation and the cost of surgery, I was unable to have the operation.

A year later I was embarrassed to return to Dr. Zevon, so I went to numerous consultations with other plastic surgeons. I couldn’t find anyone who made me feel secure in my decision, though. I found that many plastic surgeons tended to be arrogant and lived by the golden rule: we don’t have to sell breast augmentation;, it sells itself! I finally chastised myself for my foolishness about not returning to Dr. Zevon and made an appointment for another consultation. During my consultation the second time I had already found the IMPLANTFORUM.COM and had pretty much decided what I wanted and expected from my surgery. I brought a few photos to go through with Dr. Zevon. He was very helpful in explaining why I couldn’t look like some of the photos, and he showed me the ones I would most likely look like in the end result. He was patient as I went through my fears, concerns and most importantly size. I felt so comfortable with him that I even shared my concerns about returning to his office over a year later!

Dr. Zevon was so willing to work with me for my surgery that he did my surgery on a day he doesn’t usually do surgeries. He pushed all of his appointments back and fit me in on the very morning that I wanted. This was less than a week from the consultation! I was provided with my prescriptions and information packets, and I was on my way. During the 5 or 6 days prior to surgery, either the doctor himself or someone from his staff had contacted me on numerous occasions to ask if I needed anything or just to see if any new questions had come up prior to the surgery. I felt so good about my plans for the surgery. The morning of my surgery arrived before I knew it, and there I was at his office, way before my scheduled surgery time. Dr. Zevon set me up in a room while we waited for his staff to arrive. He tried to make me as comfortable as possible, asking me if I wanted to lay down, read, talk, or whatever! He asked if I had any questions and tried to comfort me because my nerves were running very high. He led me into the OR, and I was set up and asleep before I knew it.

Dr. Zevon was so great I couldn’t even begin to explain! My new girls looked good even on day one! I feel that this is due to his wonderful surgery technique and experience. He called me at home on the first and second post-op days. He made my first follow-up on a Sunday, knowing that my husband was returning to work on that Monday! During my recovery, Dr. Zevon was very attentive to my needs and discomforts. He talked me through all of my “issues,” and it was very reassuring! He called to check in with me often. It was weird how he always would call when I was feeling my worst, and he would make me feel so much better with his reassurance!

I am so very pleased with my results and with Dr. Zevon himself. I really feel that Dr. Zevon was the ONLY plastic surgeon for me, and I am so happy to have found him! Besides, what other doctors would go out of their way to meet the needs of their patients? I would recommend anyone and everyone to meet with Dr. Zevon for their consultations in order to meet the most wonderful plastic surgeon I have ever come across!

Breast Augmentation Patient

Breast Augmentation

He’s very thorough and his staff is superb. One of the women in his office who has undergone the surgery there is available to answer personal questions from a first hand perspective.

Marisa, Breast Augmentation Patient

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