Liposuction New York City

Liposuction New York City

A typical patient who presents for liposuction has localized areas of excess fat that have been resistant to attempts at either diet or exercise. There are a number of different techniques that are used for liposuction. This includes traditional liposuction, performed with a cannula, syringe liposuction, or ultrasonic or power-assisted liposuction. I prefer to use traditional liposuction for most areas, and use ultrasonic liposuction for gynecomastia, or male breast reduction, and for repeat surgery in patients.

Adding to the gains that the patient has made through diet and exercise is a rewarding experience for the surgeon. Once the patient’s improvement had plateaued, they often feel that this is the body that they’re going to have forever. Liposuction can be a nice adjunct to the work they’ve done, and they often find that their interest in both the diet and exercise is increased even more so. Some patients who feel that liposuction is the solution to their problem have excess skin in addition to their excess fat, and for these people, a or skin reduction procedure would be an adjunct to the liposuction.

Liposuction is typically performed in our accredited office-based facility. The patient enters in the morning, has the surgical procedure, is taken to the recovery room, following which, when suitable for discharge, the patient will return home, and is typically capable of returning to work in a few days.

Feel free to explore our website for further information concerning liposuction and to view pre-and post-operative pictures. I look forward to seeing you in the office in consultation.

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