Model Image Planning Your Surgery

Planning your surgery

Good communication between you and Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Zevon is essential. In your initial consultation, Dr. Zevon will ask what you’d like your nose job to look like, evaluate the structure of your nose and face, and discuss the possibilities with you. He will explain the factors that can influence the procedure and the results. These factors include the structure of your nasal bones and cartilage, the shape of your face, the thickness of your skin, your age, and your expectations.

Dr. Zevon will also explain the techniques and anesthesia he will use, the type of facility where the surgery will be performed, the risks and costs involved, and any options you may have. Most insurance policies don’t cover purely cosmetic surgery; however, if the procedure is performed for reconstructive purposes, to correct a breathing problem or a marked deformity, the procedure may be covered. Check with your insurer, and obtain pre-authorization for your surgery.

Be sure to tell Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Zevon if you’ve had any previous nose surgery or an injury to your nose, even if it was many years ago. You should also inform Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Zevon if you have any allergies or breathing difficulties; if you’re taking any medications, vitamins, or recreational drugs; and if you smoke.

Don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Zevon any questions you may have, especially those regarding your expectations and concerns about the results.

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