Model Image Planning Your Surgery

Planning your surgery

When you discuss your surgery with Dr. Zevon, be certain that you clearly express your expectations. Dr. Zevon will help you determine what it is possible to achieve. It may be helpful to provide him with photos of people who have facial features similar to those you would like to have.

Be sure you understand the details of the surgery, including the cost and what to expect during your recovery.

If the surgery will entail an incision inside your mouth, it is important that you inform Dr. Zevon if you smoke or if you have any dental or gum problems. He will advise you on these matters.

In preparing for your surgery, be sure to find out if you’ll be able to drive home afterward or will require transportation. You should also ask if you’ll need to refrain from eating or drinking the night before your surgery, and if you should stop taking any medications, including aspirin and similar drugs. You may be instructed to take oral antibiotics both before and after the procedure to help guard against infection.

Dr. Zevon will provide information about these important matters during your pre-operative consultation.

Where your surgery will be performed

Your operation may take place in an office-based facility, a freestanding surgical center or a hospital outpatient facility. Sometimes, your Dr. Zevon may require that you stay overnight. He will make such a recommendation based on your overall medical condition and whether another cosmetic procedure was performed simultaneously with the facial implant surgery.

Types of anesthesia

In some cases, facial implant surgery may require only local anesthesia combined with a sedative. However, more frequently, a general anesthesia may be recommended.

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