Model Image Your Ultrasonic Liposuction Surgery

Your ultrasonic liposuction surgery

The time required for Manhattan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Zevon to perform ultrasonic liposuction may vary considerably, depending on the amount of work you are having done. However, ultrasonic liposuction generally takes longer than traditional liposuction because of the extra “fat-liquefying” step involved.

To begin the ultrasonic liposuction procedure, salt water containing local anesthesia and adrenaline is injected into the area to be treated. Then, a metal cannula connected to an ultrasound generator is inserted beneath the skin through a small incision. The ultrasonic energy causes the walls of the fat cells to break down, allowing the fat to flow out of each cell. The “liquefied” fat combines with the injected fluid to create an emulsion, which is removed from the body by vacuum pressure.

If you are awake, you may feel some warmth and vibration during the ultrasonic liposuction procedure. You will probably be given some fluid through an IV (intravenous) tube to keep your fluid level balanced. Typically, only a small amount of blood is lost during ultrasonic liposuction. However, if New York plastic surgeon Dr. Zevon determines that a blood transfusion may be needed, you can donate your own blood in advance of the procedure.

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