Model Image Planning Your Surgery

Planning your abdominoplasty surgery

In your initial abdominoplasty consultation, tummy tuck Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Zevon will evaluate your health, determine the extent of fat deposits in your abdominal region, and carefully assess your skin tone. Be sure to tell Dr. Zevon if you smoke and if you’re taking any medications, vitamins, or other drugs.

Be frank in discussing your expectations with tummy tuck Manhattan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Zevon. He will be equally frank with you, describing your alternatives and the risks and limitations of each.

If, for example, your fat deposits are limited to the area below the navel, you may require a less complex procedure called a partial abdominoplasty, also know as a mini-tummy tuck, which can often be performed on an outpatient basis. You may, on the other hand, benefit more from partial or complete abdominoplasty done in conjunction with liposuction to remove fat deposits from the hips for a better body contour. Maybe liposuction alone would create the best result for your body.

In any case, tummy tuck Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Zevon will work with you to recommend the procedure that is right for you and will come closest to producing the desired body contour.

During the abdominoplasty consultation, Dr. Zevon will also explain the anesthesia he plans to use, the type of facility where the tummy tuck surgery will be performed, and the costs involved. In most cases, health insurance policies do not cover the cost of abdominoplasty, but you should check your policy to be sure.

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