SmartLipo Treats Love Handles—And Everything Else, Too!

May 29, 2014 - by

Are you tired of looking at love handles in the mirror? Hate your muffin top or your double chin? Let us tell you about SmartLipo—it’s a versatile laser-assisted body sculpting technique that can transform just about any part of your body.

Like traditional liposuction, SmartLipo targets those areas of pesky fat in the body that just won’t go away, no matter how hard you exercise or how much you diet. But SmartLipo is aided by laser energy, which helps melt fat for easier removal from the body. This makes for a quicker recovery with less swelling, because the technique can be performed through smaller incisions and the laser helps seal off tiny blood vessels in the affected area, reducing bruising.

But there’s more! While traditional lipo can’t improve the quality of your skin, SmartLipo can. Here’s how:

        • SmartLipo tightens skin. The laser energy used during the procedure actually helps the skin contract over the targeted area, leaving behind smoother, tighter skin.
        • SmartLipo increases collagen production. During the procedure, collagen production is stimulated and the collagen fibers themselves are reorganized, improving the quality of the skin over the long term.

        Is SmartLipo right for you?
        SmartLipo is a great procedure for many people, especially those who are bothered by droopy skin in places such as the neck and the arms, and it can also be successfully used on the same areas of the body that traditional liposuction targets—those pesky love handles, the unsightly saddlebags, and that protruding tummy. If you can’t spare a lot of downtime for a surgical procedure but still want to improve your proportions, minimally invasive SmartLipo may fit your lifestyle.

        If you’re interested in sculpting your body, please visit Dr. Zevon for a consultation. As wonderful as SmartLipo is, it may not be the most appropriate procedure to help you reach your aesthetic goals. If SmartLipo isn’t right for you, Dr. Zevon also offers traditional liposuction as well as ultrasound-assisted liposuction, so he can suggest the best technique to maximize your results. With years of experience with all three techniques, he can give you great advice about your best options for liposuction. Don’t worry about those love handles for one more day!

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