How Big Is Too Big? Dr. Zevon Talks About Breast Implant Size

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Very large breast implants beautifully enhance many women, but while over-the-top breast augmentation may work for celebrities like Pamela Anderson Lee, it’s possible to go too big when you decide to enhance your figure. Breast implants should add to your natural beauty, not obscure it behind unrealistic proportions. Ideally, you want people to say: “Wow, have you lost weight?” Not: “Wow, are those real?”

In a place like New York City, it might be tempting to think that “bigger is better” when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. Our experience, however, exposes the fallacy behind that statement.

Choosing a breast implant size that’s too large for your frame can have unpleasant consequences. If you have a petite build, very large implants can cause unnecessary strain on your back, causing pain and discomfort. If you don’t have enough of your own breast tissue to have large implants, the implants may show through your skin. Even worse, implants that are too large for your body can cause complications such as loss of sensation in your breasts and nipples.

Making the Decision

If you’re thinking about a New York breast augmentation, Dr. Zevon can talk with you about the most appropriate options. He’ll ask you what size you’d like to be and suggest some implant sizes. Then, you’ll have a chance to “try on” different implant sizes to get an idea of what you’ll look like after your surgery. To help avoid discomfort from implants that are too large, the doctor will assess your body shape and size, including your weight, height, and width of your shoulders. Why your shoulders? Women with broad shoulders may need larger implants than they think.

Dr. Zevon will look at how much tissue you currently have in your breasts, the position of your nipples, and any asymmetry between your breasts to help determine the best breast implant size for you. The elasticity of your skin is another factor in determining how large your implants can be.

Your lifestyle also plays a role: If you are very athletic, for example, exceptionally large breasts could cause you discomfort while exercising. Think about all that you do in a week, at work and at play, and pick a size that works for all times, not just Saturday night.

Consult a Plastic Surgeon

Think about your breast size goals before you visit a New York plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation consultation. Look at photos of celebrities and models, as well as friends and relatives who have the figure you desire. Consider your daily activities; how might your breast size affect your lifestyle? Do you want to make a drastic, obvious change, or are you just looking to boost your figure a bit? If you’d rather keep your New York breast augmentation a private matter, going too large will make that impossible—very large implants invite attention.

As you weigh your options, check out this article from the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre in San Diego, which provides another good overview of what you need to think about before getting breast implants.

Take your ideas and questions with you when you consult with Dr. Zevon. Together, you can be sure that your breast implant size is going to work for you. With proper information and discussion with your doctor, you can be sure to end up with breasts that are as large and lovely as you’d like, but aren’t likely to cause discomfort or post-surgery regret.

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  1. I always prefer first to try something natural, I highly recommend you. great blog!!

  2. Anna collins says:

    According to many plastic surgeons and patients, silicone implants look and feel more natural than other products used to enhance the size or shape of breasts.

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